Locale codecvt facet doesn't seem to return 'partial'

Jeffery Cavallaro jcavalla@postini.com
Thu Apr 19 17:14:00 GMT 2007

Greetings, i18n fans!

I am using the GCC 4.1.1 release on FC6, and ran across something that I
do not think is right.  I have a test that attempts to codecvt a UTF-8
string that ends with an incomplete character encoding:

typedef std::string::traits_type::state_type State;

typedef std::codecvt<
    std::wstring::value_type, std::string::value_type, State
> Converter;

typedef std::codecvt_base::result Result;

const string::size_type NarrowsPerWide = (
    sizeof(std::wstring::value_type) / sizeof(std::string::value_type)

std::string from("\xC2\xA1Hasta ma\xC3\xB1\x61na!");
wchar_t to[256];
State q;
const std::string::value_type *me = 0;
std::wstring::value_type *we = 0;

std::memset(&q, 0, sizeof(q));

Result status =
        from.data(), from.data() + from.size(), me,
        to, to + sizeof(to)/sizeof(to[0]), we

This works fine, resulting in the the widened form with the upside down
'!' and the en-yay; however, if I cut
the source string off at the first byte of the encoded en-yay:

std::string from("\xC2\xA1Hasta ma\xC3");

the codecvt facet in method still returns 'ok' and simply ignores the
incomplete UTF-8 sequence.  Shouldn't
it have returned 'partial'?

Thanks to all in advance.

Jeffery Cavallaro
Engineering Group

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