[v3] solaris c include model

Marc Glisse marc.glisse+gcc@normalesup.org
Wed Apr 11 12:18:00 GMT 2007

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

> In a nutshell, this introduces a new "C" header model, ie
> --enable-cheaders=c_std_solaris. In this patch, this is the default
> for solaris 2.7+, which should probably be tested or tweaked.

Thanks a lot for doing this work.
(precision: I won't have much access to any solaris system for a long
time, so I can only comment from what I remember of my earlier attempts)

> To get this to work, you'll need to:
> 1) patch cc1plus so that __cplusplus is the correct value. (Also the
> oldest libstdc++ PR)
> 2) patch gcc/ginclude/stddef.h
> 3) do some fixincludes on the solaris side, where extern "C" and
> extern "C++" decls clash with gcc but not, apparently, with sunpro.
> See the attached for a manual way to do this: I've not yet fought with
> fixincludes for this.
> 4) patch libstdc++ with the mega-patch attached.
> There are a lot of hacks in the libstdc++ bits here (strdup on
> solaris??? How do I get this back? stddef.h is not figured out, and
> it's apparent that better separation between C90 and C99 needs to take
> place in wchar/wctype), but oh well. I'll try to fix this up when I
> return.
> In addition, this includes the libstdc++ parts of the newlib work.
> Which is not finished yet either.
> To intrepid solaris hackers, I say "bonne chance." It will be
> interesting to see if you exist.

Some comments in random order:

* for qsort and bsearch, the problem comes from bug 2316. Your fix seems
   strange, you now declare (for recent __cplusplus) only the extern c++
   version of bsearch, which is defined nowhere. I would rather simply
   remove the extern "C++" declaration and keep the other one as is until
   2316 is fixed (not as violent as what I was mentionning in 30928. By
   the way 30928 shows an other approach that gives a more uniform result
   across solaris 8-11 but does not use the system headers as nicely as
   you are trying to do). If 2316 is fixed then an extern "C++" version of
   bsearch and qsort will need to be provided probably in libsupc++ or
   some such.

* in math.h (for instance), you could #include <cmath> and #include_next
   <math.h>, not simply the second one (not sure right now why I wanted
   that, maybe just so cos(2) works after including math.h)

* a number of things become useless in the headers since you assume
   solaris 7+ (like no stdlib.h or similar things)

* I am surprised you have not hit bug 30112 (only gives 4 failures in the
   testsuite) and more importantly bug 27340 which should make valarray

* for C99 functions you are going to have a hard time getting something
   nice until solaris updates its headers some time after the standard is

Good luck for continuing this work, and once again thank you.

Marc Glisse

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