binary_search, lower_bound and upper_bound inlining

Dimitris Xochellis
Sun Apr 1 16:45:00 GMT 2007

Thanks for answering,

> >Is there something that I can do, other than editing the stl_algo.h file, in order to persuade
> the
> >compiler to inline the binary_search, lower_bound and upper_bound algorithms? (even -O3 seems
> not
> >good enough). Any chance for these algorithms to be inlined in the future GCC releases?
> >  
> >
> we can definitely mark inline binary_search, very tiny, but frankly, for 
> general use lower_bound and upper_bound seem too big and we risk a bad 
> code bloat. 

I suspected so :( That's life anyway...

> Can you measure a small improvement for binary_search alone?

By studding my measurements I suspect that binary_search is automatically inlined in -O3 (probably
 because it is small). Anyway the "big fish" is lower_bound, binary_search is just more convenient
> In general, anyway, you should refer to the gcc manual, there are 
> various knobs you can turn in order to change the behavior of the 
> inliner (-finline-limit=...)

I found nothing appropriate in the manual. (-finline-limit works for functions that are explicitly
marked as inline)

Thank you very much,


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