known duplicate code

Benjamin Kosnik
Fri Sep 15 13:49:00 GMT 2006

> I'm interested in keeping a list of "can't live without" traits-like  
> material such as this.  I also put both the enable_if and IF traits  
> in this category, though I've spelled them differently in the past.   

Yes. Currently we have:


I've seen:


Also, I am strongly in favor of compile-time constants for
numeric_limits::max type stuff.

> It could be that such an organized list might evolve into a proposed  
> addition to the C++0X <type_traits> header.  If it were to succeed,  
> it would have to be a very short list.  I.e. this can't turn into a  
> dumping ground for everyone's favorite trait.  This is a top 5 list.

Yeah. This is what I was thinking too.

Is it worth separating this out into 






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