How much does libstdc++ GPL exception last

Benjamin Kosnik
Mon Sep 11 13:22:00 GMT 2006

> If I take headers from the libstdc++-v3 project, hack them up a bit,
> and then include them in my own project will they keep the GPL
> exception (ie the rest of the project doesn't have to be under the
> GPL)?

Modified sources with the GPL + exception clause are still licensed
with GPL + exception. That's the whole point....

> Apologises for the legal question, I understand if the answer is "we
> don't really know".

.... the best advice as far as legal questions go would be to talk to a
lawyer. Period, full stop. 

If you are a FSF contributor (you are and are noted as such
on the FSF assignment lists for GCC/libstdc++) talk to the FSF legal
team. Their contact info can be found on the site.


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