[PATCH] Remove volatile qualifiers from mt_allocator

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@suse.de
Thu Aug 31 18:10:00 GMT 2006

Richard Guenther wrote:

>>Less radical than two counters, we could access the atomic counter always
>>atomically at allocation time; atomically at deallocation time when
>>__block->_M_thread_id != __thread_id; normally at deallocation time when
>>__block->_M_thread_id == __thread_id. I think this is also fine and a tad
>Indeed.  As we allocate from our local pool only this is fine.
FYI, now I know a much better way to fix this, meaning: 1- No atomic 
operations at allocation time, minimal performance impact; 2- Safe wrt 
old binaries linking to the current version of the exported functions of 
mt_allocator (I'm not changing anything in mt_allocator.h, nothing in 
the exported interfaces of mt_allocator.cc, etc...). I should have 
something well tested in a day or two max :)


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