Errors on trunk since a while

Paolo Carlini
Tue Aug 29 09:36:00 GMT 2006

Richard Guenther wrote:

>I get since a few days
What do you mean by "I get"? When? Where? Apparently, *nobody* else is 
seeing that error on testresults during normal make, make check...

>any ideas?
I don't know, recently __convert_from_v has been changed in mainline to 
a vararg function, maybe you could start from that... But the entire 
issue is deeply mysterious: __convert_from_v is used eminently by 
num_put of floats (vs money_put) and you should also see it there... A 
specific feature of money_put is that we are passing a constant string 
literal, "%.*Lf", maybe also something to consider.

Are you sure the tool chain is solid, no experimental linkers on that 
machine, things like that?!?


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