place to instantiate a template missing from libstdc++-v3.a

Gabriel Dos Reis
Thu Sep 1 18:02:00 GMT 2005

Benjamin Kosnik <> writes:

| > On a platform using config/locale/generic/ and not having any
| > of strtof(), finitef(), and finite(), the code makes use of isinf(),
| > which is forced to be a template under certain additional conditions
| > that are also met for this target. 
| >From looking at cmath.h, I would be surprised if
|    template<typename _Tp>
|    int
|     __capture_isinf(_Tp __f) { return isinf(__f); }
|   template<typename _Tp>
|     int
|     isinf(_Tp __f) { return __gnu_cxx::__capture_isinf(__f); }
|  isn't correctly inlined, leaving just a reference to the C99 isinf
| function. If this isn't the case, it should be.

Funny you should point it out.  I think we have a "bug" here.  Those
function template should have been declared inline.  Patch to stick
the missing "inline" keyword is preapproved.

-- Gaby

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