Whats happening without _GLIBCXX_ASSERT in testsuite?

chris jefferson caj@cs.york.ac.uk
Fri May 27 13:08:00 GMT 2005

Paolo Carlini wrote:

>chris jefferson wrote:
>>Am I totally misunderstanding what is going on? If people do want the
>>testsuite to work without assert, then that seems reasonable and
>>possible.. but it doesn't seem to be what is going on at the moment.
>Chris - I'm sorry for the harsh joke, but I cannot resist - how old are
>you? I don't want to know the exact number. Say, less than 40?!? Then
>you should remember that you asked already this question, to me,
>privately, and I replied a lot of details ;) ;) First dig that stuff
>out, and then let's discuss the thing for real.
Sorry, I did remember, but should perhaps have been clearer about what I 
meant in my mail. I remember you telling me this was an older method of 
running the testsuite. What I didn't realise until now (but perhaps 
should have) is that it is totally broken, and doesn't actually do 
anything useful, although it looks a bit like it does at first.

While it's perhaps easier to do nothing, it seems like it would be 
better to fix it so does something useful, or finish killing it off so 
people don't think it does anything useful :)


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