Nonstandard allocator::pointer in containers

chris jefferson
Thu May 26 22:28:00 GMT 2005

Phil Endecott wrote:

> Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
>> Hey Phil. Haven't heard back from you, but I've entered this in
>> bugzilla so we can track it.
> I will be returning to this problem, most likely in about a week.
> In the meantime, if anyone else wants to throw together some patches 
> that would be great.  As I said before this is absolutely not my area 
> of expertise!  What I really need is map<> and either string or 
> vector<char>.  I have the allocator and some test code, so once I have 
> a modified container or two I'll be able to contribute something 
> useful for your test cases.
Feel free to post the allocator and test code, I suspect this will would 
take 5 minutes to do, but it would take me much longer to read the bit 
of the standard on allocators :)



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