Inconsistency regarding PCH

Benjamin Kosnik
Fri May 20 22:26:00 GMT 2005

> Huh, thanks for pointing that out.  In either case, "-include 
> bits/stdc++.h" seems to work -- but I'm not sure if it's doing the same 
> thing.  Is that indeed the right thing?  Or, perhaps I should ask a 
> different question: what's the recommended way to pull in the PCH for an 
> ordinary user using the compiler after it's been installed?

"-include bits/stdc++.h" is the right procedure. 

I'm wondering if stdc++.h should be installed though, in case users use
more than -g -O0 and -g -O2. Should they be able to regenerate their own
PCH just from the install?

> > 2) Please use a new flag, say CXXFLAGS_PCH or whatever, so that it can
> > be overriden manually, or explicitly turned off without hacking the
> > dejagnu framework.
> OK.  This isn't currently possible, without the work I'm doing, but I 
> can add this feature while I'm there.

Right now you can do this by editing testsuite_flags.


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