[patch] std::string::operator[] extension in debug mode

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@suse.de
Fri May 20 00:44:00 GMT 2005

Joe Buck wrote:

>Agreed; forcing the user (or distros) to build the library twice to
>support debug mode is a non-starter.
If I consider this sentence alone, seems too strong to me. We are
talking about *string* debug-mode, not about the "rest" of the
debug-mode functionality, for containers, that is not as issue and works
OK as far as we know. Currently, *string* debug mode simply does *not*
work, no matter what the user or the distros do. Sad, but true. A
possible solution, weak, temporary, that can be improved, is providing
the possibility of compiling a library that includes a checked
basic_string. Let me put the things in other terms: let's suppose the
best people we have in this area (like Doug and Gaby) cannot figure out
and implement something actually working and flexible in time for the
next release: what shall we do? Shall we scrap away from basic_string
the fake debug-mode? It's also an option, I would find that much cleaner
and honest than what we currently deliver.


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