PATCH: dg-require-{fork,mkfifo} for V3 testsuite

Mark Mitchell
Fri May 6 18:02:00 GMT 2005

Paolo Carlini wrote:

>>  Then, you want to look at the output from the program; you can't
>>trust the exit code, in general.
> Argh! Therefore, since not-installed locale data leads to an exception,
> I can simply wrap a set of std::locale(name) in a try/catch, and, either
> output << "YES" in the try, or "NO" in the catch. Makes sense?


> Any hint about the best way to look at the output? Or the idea is
> redirecting to a file and then using "string first" (I see that in a
> check part of v3-build_support) on it?

I think that $output will just contain the output.  So, you don't need 
to redirect to a file.  Then, yes, you can use "string first" on $output.

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