Using strlcpy if target OS allows it

Paolo Carlini
Fri May 6 08:34:00 GMT 2005

Magnus Fromreide wrote:

>>Some comments:
>>1- Let's start with mainline and 4_0-branch, that have a few more
>>testcases that should be also patched. Can you prepare a second patch
>>targeted at mainline/4_0-branch?
>Eh, it is targeted towards mainline already.
>The reson I choose not to change 21_strings/c_strings/char/ and is
>that I think those tests are intended to test str* functions and then it
>would be a bad idea to replace them.
Tests are missing, those in wchar_t directories in mainline/4_0, for
27_io/basic_streambuf/sputn/wchar_t/, and so on. Please complete the

>>3- You should regtest the changes and provide a ChangeLog. If you can't
>>do that additional (boring ;) work, I will, but only in a few days.
>Oh dear.
>I do regtesting by building the c,c++ and java languages with and without my
>patch and then compare the output. Is there a better way, and how?
There isn't, but you should not do that in secret ;) OK.


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