libstdc++ of g++ 3.4.x: std::swap and std::auto_ptr causes compilation errors

Paolo Carlini
Tue Nov 16 11:10:00 GMT 2004

Vinzenz Feenstra wrote:

> I don't understand, why I have to set it? This is strange to me, too. 
> Shouldn't it be setted automatically?
> I mean this is confusing me abit.

Oh, this is a long story... Enabling concept_check has a cost, in terms 
of compile-time performance. Also, we had a few bugs in the code itself 
+ bits of the code where not completely removed by the optimizers. In 
short, for 3.0.x it has been disabled by default. *Part* of the story is 
recorded here:

 From time to time, people suggests that probably we could finally 
re-enable it... We'll see... ;)


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