Bitmap allocator documentation.

Dhruv Matani
Fri Mar 12 10:02:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 08:59, Loren James Rittle wrote:
> In article <1078898573.11281.4.camel@localhost.localdomain>,
> Dhruv Matani<> writes:
> > Here is a revised version of the documentation based on various comments
> > I received. [...]
> Thank you Dhruv for the contribution and for updating to our local
> code conventions. I know you had a few agenda items which we deferred;
> we can incrementally patch over time to address them.  

Yes, I can fix them as and when I get to know what I'm supposed to be
doing and am currently doing wrongly. Like the __GTHREADS that you have
mentioned below.

> One thing I did
> change in the documentation before commit: __GTHREADS is the static,
> primary way to adapt to threading configuration (use it to guard all
> __gthread* calls); consider using __gthread_active_p() to dynamically
> adapt run-time overhead (use it to guard actual mutex change calls).
> Also, we refrain from telling users to undefine library macros... ;-)


But after reading it seems not so clear to me when I'm supposed to use
the macro and when the function, vaguely, it seems that I should be
using the macro to protect veriable declarations, and the function to
protect the actual locking of the mutex? However after looking at
mt_allocator.h, I could see something like:
#if defined __GTHREAD
	if (__gthread_active_p())

So is this protected by the macro or the function?

I could not find any documentation on gthreads, so if there is a place
please let me know.

However, peeking into the headers reveals that __gthread_active_p() just
compares the address of a function with zero. I guess this is done to
check the existence of the function in the code or something?

What does it do exactly?

> Patch installed on mainline with your updated documentation (I updated
> years and added boilerplate to the new tests).  I reviewed it by hand,
> rebuilt/perf-checked.  Attached is the final ChangeLog entry I used:
> 2004-03-11  Dhruv Matani  <>
> 	* docs/html/ext/ballocator_doc.txt: New file.
> 	* include/ (ext_headers): Add
> 	${ext_srcdir}/bitmap_allocator.h .
> 	* include/ Regenerate (by hand, since I didn't have
> 	automake de jure on hand).
> 	* include/ext/bitmap_allocator.h: New file.
> 	* testsuite/performance/20_util/allocator/ New test.
> 	* testsuite/performance/20_util/allocator/ Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/performance/20_util/allocator/ Add
> 	test for the bitmap_allocator<>.
> 	* testsuite/performance/20_util/allocator/ Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/performance/20_util/allocator/ Likewise.
> 	* testsuite/performance/20_util/allocator/ Likewise.

Thanks a lot!

There are a few things remaining as you have mentioned, and I'd like to
list them out. If you have anything else in mind or I may have missed
something out, please let me know.

1. Some variables still do not conform to the C++STYLE menioned in the
2. Some functions are made public unnecessarily. I will make sure that
the scoping is correct.
3. The __GTHREADS issue that you have pointed out.
4. In the test-suite file, 4 macros are repeated (copy-paste error!).

I'll work on them and have a patch ready as soon as the gthreads issue
is sorted out.

	-Dhruv Matani.

Proud to be a Vegetarian.

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