draws in everything

Stephen M. Webb
Thu Mar 11 22:00:00 GMT 2004

On Thursday, March 11 2004 15:26, Henning Baldersheim wrote:
> I am trying to use some parts of stl in my embedded environment. However as
> soon as I use anything from stl the amount of code that is added is
> enourmous. I figured out that the source is If you need one
> exception you get them all. 

It seems to me the problem is that pulling in a single exception pulls in all 
of the string, IOStream, and locale instantiations because of the verbose 
terminate handler.  I don't think function sections would solve the problem, 
since the symbols would still get pulled in regardless.

Is there any way to disable the verbose terminate handler at compile (ie. 
library build) time?

I currently have to build statically linked images with -fno-exceptions so 
they fit on a 1.44M floppy (anoyone remember those?).  As soon as exceptions 
are enabled (ie. using the new operator without -fno-exceptions), the image 
size for an IA-32 application blows 4 MB.  I would like to enable exceptions, 
I really would, but this fine library feature is preventing me.

Stephen M. Webb

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