autotools version possibilities

Benjamin Kosnik
Wed Mar 3 19:39:00 GMT 2004

>libjava is in a weird situation again.  The released versions of
>automake generate a that is much too large to be seriously
>considered.  We've got a fix for this, but I think it won't show up
>until 1.9 :-(

Ok, thanks for the current status report.

>Alexandre suggested that we could use an "officially unreleased"
>version, or something like that, but I tend to doubt that this would
>be acceptable for GCC.  Part of the point of the upgrade is to get
>the whole tree on a single official release again...

When the libjava bits get sorted out, and there is some non-hacked and
official release that works, can you let the libstdc++ list know?

I guess we'll just continue to track the official versions for the time being.


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