[RFC] Large file iostreams

Pétur Runólfsson peturr02@ru.is
Tue Oct 14 09:11:00 GMT 2003

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
> You can revert this file and remove the resulting complexity.
> This is not needed or really used at the moment. This was put in
> with the attempt to use fgetpos/fsetpos, which didn't quite work for
> reasons Paolo has already outlined.

OK, this is the current draft. This fixes all fpos related bugs in
bugzilla (11450, 11543 and 12065), and an unrelated bug in
basic_filebuf::imbue that was unconvered by the test case for 11543.

__basic_file::seekpos is gone, and __basic_file::seekoff now returns
streamoff. fpos now only supports the operations specified in
27.4.3, except that it supports implicit conversion from streamoff.

The standard requires in several places that streamoff must be a
typedef, so it is defined as
  typedef class __streamoff streamoff;

streamoff and fpos are in a new header bits/postypes.h; it seems
more descriptive than fpos.h since streamoff is also a class type.


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