TR library extensions

Gabriel Dos Reis
Tue Oct 7 18:24:00 GMT 2003

Martin Sebor <> writes:

| Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > Martin Sebor <> writes:
| > | Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > | | ...
| > | > | I've been using gcc -threads and gcc -pthreads with the same compiler
| > | > | on Solaris (at least with 2.95.2), so unless that's changed I think
| > | > | you're mistaken (or we're talking about different things).
| > | > You've been using something not guaranteed.  The (GCC-3.x) doc says:
| > | | Are you saying this because you *know* that it may cause problems
| > | or are you just getting from the blurb below?
| > [...]
| > | No, but it doesn't say I can't either. I sincerely hope you're
| > wrong
| > Cross your finger and pray hard I'm getting from blurb.
| > You compile the library you're linking against with one threading
| > model, thus with with a thread model that affect things like stack
| > unwinding. You compile your program with a different threading model,
| > thus with a different model that affect stack unwiding. Link them
| > together and say I'm getting from blurb?
| With all respect, unless you can show an example that breaks I believe
| you are wrong in this case.

You're free to believe what you want.  But, please do us a favor, do
not make people into believing we support something we do not guarantee.

| Which of the two libraries is used has no
| effect on stack unwinding on SunOS. Both the Solaris threads library
| and the POSIX threads library on SunOS are compatible and functionally
| interchangeable,

If they are interchangeable then that is a guarantee not made by
us, but by your system. Full stop.  That is not FUD.  That is a fact
you can verify.

The FUD is *you* making people into believing that we support use  a
different thread model than the one use at configuration time. 


-- Gaby

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