TR library extensions

Gabriel Dos Reis
Mon Oct 6 19:39:00 GMT 2003

Martin Sebor <> writes:


| > If your documentation tells you that
| > configuring the compiler with TR support will include TR semantics,
| > that is it.  Just like we do for C99 stuff.  We don't reject programs
| > that happen to include <tgmath.h> just on the mere assumption that
| > -std=c++98 is specified.
| I don't know how C99 support works in gcc

configure the the compiler/library to have support for long long and
other C99 facilities.


| porting from another implementation to gcc). I don't think it should
| be necessary to configure and install two different compilers just to
| get functionality that can be easily provided by one. Not all users

consider how you link separately compiled translation units and agains
which library you will link.

| can configure and install compilers on their systems. I'm sure you
| don't expect to have to install a separate compiler for debugging
| or thread safety

Guess what?  You've to configure GCC to enable thread safety support.

-- Gaby

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