TR library extensions

Pétur Runólfsson
Mon Oct 6 12:06:00 GMT 2003

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> Paolo Carlini <> writes:
> | Pétur Runólfsson wrote:
> |
> | >I don't think all of it needs to be written from scratch. Many
> | >of the Boost components can probably be imported from Boost, except
> | >that everything needs to be uglified. The unordered_* containers
> | >can probably be based on the current hash_* containers.
> | >
> | Pétur, I had the VERY SAME thought!
> |
> | In particular, about your first point, the reason why I didn't post
> | something is that I was unsure about the Boost license, I understand
> | from your message that is already GPL... Great!
> Boost licence is not GPL; but I believe it can be used with a GPLed
> software.  If fact, it is not desirable that V3 be GLPed; that is why
> it is "GPL with runtime exception"ed.

Many (but not all) Boost libraries carry this license:

//  Permission to copy, use, modify, sell and distribute this software
//  is granted provided this copyright notice appears in all copies.
//  This software is provided "as is" without express or implied
//  warranty, and with no claim as to its suitability for any purpose.

There are already many files in libstdc++ with this license (for
example include/bits/boost_concept_check.h) so it seems that this
is OK. It is still a good idea to ask for permission, and possibly
check with the FSF before copying anything.


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