Thomas Kunert
Thu Jul 31 09:32:00 GMT 2003

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

>From my point of view, the problem is in the compiler not in the
> library.  The above example is not the kind of argument that will
> change my take on this.  We have better gains by improving the
> compiler, 

Sure. But complaining about the compiler does not help, at
least in the short term.

> Once you start removing that simple structure, you would also have to
> remove object functions and any other bonus for the same reason.  
> That is a wrong-headed road. 

That conclusion seems wrong. Why would you have to remove
function objects? They are useful because they allow simpler
code. Iterator classes do not alleviate anything but originate from
the idea that the compiler must control and limit the programmer.
And that is a very bad notion.

Just trust the programmer. In most cases he is right.


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