Heads up: new autotools requirements

Phil Edwards phil@jaj.com
Wed Jul 30 23:17:00 GMT 2003

The transition is going quite well.  I expect to check in new versions of
the configury/build files as soon as the debug patch is in and verified
stable; my plan right now is to have things ready by a day or two after
any debug problems are settled.  I've looked at the latest debug patch,
and it's orthoganal to the configury changes.

For features and bugfixes (lots of both), we'll be going straight to the
latest version of everything:

 autoconf 2.57
 automake 1.7.6   (1.7.7 as soon as it comes out)

The version numbers are already checked, so there's no worry of accidentally
using older tools.  We'll just be bumping them up.

These have been out for a while, so I expect that they're available for
all the people who are currently making configury changes.  If they are
not available to the author of a patch, I will check in configury changes,
regenerating the files myself, as needed and requested.

You've been warned.  Now go get the new versions.  :-)


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