[Patch]: libstdc++/PR11504 + constness and casting clean up

Gawain Bolton gbolton@free.fr
Mon Jul 28 19:32:00 GMT 2003

Phil Edwards wrote:

>On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 02:50:59PM +0200, Gawain Bolton wrote:
>>*** 95,100 ****
>>--- 95,101 ----
>>    struct _Rb_tree_node_base
>>    {
>>      typedef _Rb_tree_node_base* _Base_ptr;
>>+     typedef const _Rb_tree_node_base* _const_Base_ptr;
>There's a naming problem here.  The library may only use names of the pattern
>    _[capital]*
>    __*
>when the code is visible to user programs.  So far the tradition has been
>to use single-underscore-capital for typedefs not exposed to the user.
Ok, thanks for pointing this out!

>I see this problem in a few places in your patch.  Fortunately they can be
>fixed via simple search-and-replace.  Would you mind going one more round?
Yup, I'll fix these.  I'll wait for any further comments until about the 
same time tomorrow evening (21h30 French time) and go for round 3.



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