autotools transition report: second call for testers

Phil Edwards
Fri Jul 25 03:09:00 GMT 2003

A second tarball is up.  More changes, such as using the real AC_PROG_CXX
but not caching the result, and doing the testsuite properly.  The files
are in the same place:

> A diff against the input files would be huge, and would require every
> tester to go get the latest autotools.  (Which we'll be requiring for
> development anyhow, but not yet.)  A diff including the generated files
> would be even larger.
> So, for the present:  please go to
> and follow the instructions there.  (Basically, it's a tarball of the files
> that have to change as part of the transition, including generated ones.)
> You shouldn't need to regenerate anything.

Fewer useless files in this tarball, so you should unpack this in an
otherwise unmodified tree.

Right now I'm seeing 5 FAILS in the localization section, but nothing else.
I think I have all the locales installed...


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