Troubles with current 3.3 and 21_strings/

Phil Edwards
Wed Jul 16 19:14:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 07:48:47PM +0200, Paolo Carlini wrote:
> I wanted to apply the fix for 11528 to the branch too and I noticed that 
> the unpatched sources behave *very* strangely for me on this testcase: 
> all the physical memory is used and the system becomes unusable. 
> Probably, after a while it would crash, but I managed to stop 'make 
> check' with CTRL-C.

Oh, this brings back memories.  Lots of memories.  Not good ones, either.
(Do a search in the older archives for "ctor_copy_dtor".)

At a guess, the call to __gnu_cxx_test::set_memory_limits() in that file is
not taking effect, for any of various reasons.  Then one of the tests tries
to build a string (maxsize-1) characters long, and the system obligingly
attempts to hand over a few gigs of free store.


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