[Patch] Qualify with std:: two files

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@unitus.it
Fri Jul 4 08:03:00 GMT 2003

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

>Well, that is not a clear issue (as you probably remember), see
>    http://anubis.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/cwg_active.html#218
>I would say that qualifiying types are safe.  The only place where
>there is no much debate is for template-id:  ADL is not performed for 
>template-ids.  I suggest Paolo leaves in the qualification on types.
Ok, I will commit the stl_function.h changes.
While we are at it: could you possibly explain in simple terms what does 
it mean 'template-ids'? In this way perhaps I will be able to complete 
the work much more quickly and without bothering again you and Martin.

Thanks, Paolo.

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