fixinc help with Solaris 9?

Bruce Korb
Tue Oct 15 15:50:00 GMT 2002

Loren James Rittle wrote:

> My only opinion having battled it without success: Have one fixinc fix
> per Sun-released version of the pthread.h header.  Guard each fix on
> the exact RCS/SCCS ID of the file.  The sad fact is that Sun has
> changed that file every release of Solaris since 2.5 in a way that has
> required a subtly different fix...

Yes.  It might be reasonable to do a C-fix-text, a la:

#ifndef __sun
   return SKIP_FIX
   pz = strstr( pzText, "@(#)pthread.h" );
   if (pz == NULL)
     return SKIP_FIX;
   return (<can we verify that it is a version we know about?>)

and then something similar with the c-fix itself.

> The other observation: Why the heck is gcc even warning/erroring on
> such an issue appearing in a *system* header?

That would be easier for fixinc, but likely more work overall??

> However, I will write a new fixinc fix for 2.9 based on the above
> guidelines, if you can send me the exact context diff that you create
> by hand to remove all warnings. 

Either you or I could do it.  But first, from someone, for
each valid combination of "#pragma ident"s from /usr/include/pthread.h
and /usr/include/sys/synch.h, we need a context/unified diff
between the vendor supplied macro and a macro that works.
Almost certainly this new macro is going to have to depend
upon the structure of pad64_t (however that was spelled.)

> and mail it to me along with the exact RCS/SCCS ID.  For example,
> from Bruce's e-mail, it looks like it should be:
> #pragma ident   "@(#)pthread.h  1.32    01/11/10 SMI"
> I will then mail back a patch for you to test in context.
> To avoid all frustration, I will not attempt to fix this more
> generally.  I think I have written enough on why this is almost
> impossible given Sun's evolution of that file.

Sounds right to me.

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