More fallout from namespace changes

Benjamin Kosnik
Sat Oct 12 19:08:00 GMT 2002

> The symbols are defined in namespace __gnu_cxx in but declared
> in namespace std in stl_threads.h.


> The following fixes by, declaring in __gnu_cxx is stl_threads.h. An
> alternative is to revert part of the change and define these in namespace
> std in, as before.

It would be nice to keep all implementation bits in out of
namespace std.

You'll need to bump the date on the stl_threads.h copyright notice.  You
could explicitly qualify the __gnu_cxx bits, or inject the names for
struct _STL_mutex_lock only, instead of a global injection in this
include file.

Loren? This looks like the only remaining damage on BSD, correct? Thinks
look ok on your testruns, threads excepted.


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