[RFC] First draft of the POSIX locale::name patch

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@unitus.it
Wed Oct 2 09:46:00 GMT 2002

Hi again,

the below fixes a couple of bugs of the previous one
in the treatment of LC_ALL. I'm also trying again
to post the Changelog properly formatted...

Ciao, Paolo.


    * include/bits/localefwd.h (class locale): Add static
    member _S_num_c_categories, encoding the number of
    additional C only categories.
    (class locale::_Impl): Add _M_c_cats.
    (class locale::_Impl::_M_names): Change to array of chars.
    (class locale::_Impl::_M_check_same_name):
    Use _S_num_c_categories, tweak.
    (locale::locale(const locale&, _Facet*)): Ditto.
    * src/locale.cc (locale::locale(const char* )):
    Rewrite to deal with the environment in a POSIX-compliant
    way while being thread safe.
    (locale::name()): Update to output POSIX environment strings.
    * src/localename.cc
    (locale::_Impl::_Impl(const _Impl&, size_t): Use
    _S_num_c_categories, tweak.
    (locale::_Impl::_Impl(facet**, size_t, bool)): Ditto.
    (locale::_Impl::_Impl(const char*, size_t)): Name
    each category individually, both C++ ones and C only.
    (locale::_Impl::_M_replace_categories): Use strcpy.
    * testsuite/22_locale/ctor_copy_dtor.cc: Add test04.

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