linking with libstdc++

Benjamin Kosnik
Sun Jul 28 12:27:00 GMT 2002

> At the risk of starting an off-topic thread, I don't understand why
> you believe this.  We have two sets of licenses for libraries, the
> LGPL and the GPL-with-special-exception.  In either case, there are
> legal ways to distribute statically linked executables even if there
> is proprietary code.  There are conditions to be met, yes.  If an LGPL
> library is used, there has to be a way of relinking with a newer
> version of the library, but that could be met by a variety of means
> (for example, by distributing proprietary parts as .o files).  But the
> libstdc++ license is even looser:

I'm tied up in other work, so don't intend to get into this. However, it
would be helpful Joe if you could think about a way to modify this
wording so as to be more clear:

I'd appreciate it.


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