More instantiation problems under hpux

John David Anglin
Wed Jan 16 08:43:00 GMT 2002

> I have no knowledge of hpux; however I don't think it could be
> possible to create "unnormalized" (is that the same as denormalized?)
> values larger that limits.  Or am I being dense?

Looking at the manual, the correct term is denormalized.  The hex
ranges for positive PA floats are:

Signaling NaN	7fffffff - 7fc00000
Quiet Nan	7fbfffff - 7f800000
Infinity	7f800000
Normalized	7f7fffff - 00800000
Denormalized	007fffff - 00000001
Zero		00000000

As I mentioned, floating point exceptions are all disabled by default
under hpux, so overflows, underflows, inexact results are all quietly

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