libsupc++ nit picks

Gabriel Dos Reis
Fri Jan 4 02:14:00 GMT 2002

Neil Booth <> writes:

| Nathan Myers wrote:-
| > Cases of "if (p) free(p)" do represent mere paranoia.  
| We still do this in cpplib, because as recently as mid-way through
| 2000 there were systems with broken C libraries that GCC was expected
| to work on (I think Kaveh may have an idea which), and when we weren't
| doing this things broke.

Same here.  When I started the work on diagnostics, I distinctly
remember having broken the tree on some variants of SunOS 4.x because
I didn't check p before free()ing it and the system library free() got
it wrong. 

|  I'd advise against changing this, unless we
| really don't care about such systems any more.

Completely agreed.

-- Gaby

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