Valarrary regression (was: Re: [PATCH] HP/SGI extensions...)

Paolo Carlini
Wed Jan 2 15:54:00 GMT 2002

Paolo Carlini wrote:

> the reason why I'm CC-ing Gaby too is that today, after a dozen of patches to
> the C++ front-end by Nathan Sidwell, I'm seeing a couple of regressions in
> valarray tests, in particular, and (of course both
> with and *without* the present patch).

Finally, it seems that someone has reproduced the problem, on a different platform

Gaby, what do you think?

I have real trouble understading what's going on.

If we have to prepare a compact testcase for Nathan in order for him to fix the
front-end I don't even know where to begin with: notwithstanding your tutorials
around the world, to date template-metaprogramming-based code is still mostly
black-magic for me... :-(


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