[PATCH] Update backward/algo.h

Phil Edwards pedwards@disaster.jaj.com
Wed Jan 2 12:16:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 08:50:40PM +0000, Nathan Myers wrote:
> Nobody has claimed to have fixed the bug, verified that it was fixed, 
> or even verified that any GNU make maintainer ever admitted that it 
> is a bug.

It's that last part that bothers me.  The GNU make maintainers have
occasionally made decisions that IMHO were unwise, but if /they/ can't
find the bug...

> Are you saying you never hit control-C during a build?  Having header
> files with my latest changes deleted by make was an experience I didn't 
> care ever to repeat.  

I hit ^C during a build all the time.  I've never had an extensionless
file vanish.  As you say, that proves nothing.

We don't use .PRECIOUS anywhere in the makefiles.  Do you think this would
make a difference?  GNU make uses it, Sun's make uses it, I don't have
access to anything else right now.


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