AIX, Solaris 2.8 excess errors fails

Mark Mitchell
Wed Feb 20 23:16:00 GMT 2002

> 	We do?  Those are the only two libstdc++ tests that continue to
> fail on AIX.

Yes -- but I bet there are XFAIL'd (or just not run) tests in the G++
regression testsuite that test for that.

> 	Well, I was thinking of letting the test fail on systems without
> weak symbol support.  But if you want to have the test adapt to the system
> on which it is being tested (as you suggest) instead of unilaterally
> instantiating the static members on all systems, I agree that is an
> improvement.

Good.  Now that we have decided, we just have to get the V3 people to
adopt this as official testsuite policy.  I can't imagine they'd want
to think about this now that we've rendered our decision from on
high, but you never know. :-) :-)

Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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