An even better implementation of ??

Paolo Carlini
Tue Feb 19 01:22:00 GMT 2002

Hi again,

if I understand well what results from the discussion of yesterday, we
should not only revert my "fix" for libstdc++/5708, but also
unconditionally output a "plain" space for the space field (this is
required by the presence of the space field itself and has nothing to do
with the filling with the fill char). That is:

  case money_base::space:
    // At least one space is required, but if internal
    // formatting is required, an arbitrary number of
    // fill spaces will be necessary.
    __res += __ctype.widen(' ');
    if (__testipad)
      __res += string_type(__width - __len - 1, __fill);

Do we all agree about this??

Thanks again,

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