[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/5708

Martin Sebor sebor@roguewave.com
Mon Feb 18 16:05:00 GMT 2002

Paolo Carlini wrote:
> Nathan Myers wrote:
> > I don't agree that we have license to assume "space" may be replaced with
> > __fill in the output format.   The subject has not (to my knowledge) been
> > reported as a Defect to the committee.  This change strikes me as a source
> > of interoperability problems, as sensible as it might seem otherwise.
> Another thing: as Peter Schmid noticed, Nico Josuttis believes too that "Where a
> space character has to appear, the character /fill/ is inserted".

It seems quite clear in the Note in, p2:

    ...If the number of characters generated for the specified format
    is less than the value returned by str.width() on entry to the
    function, then copies of fill are inserted as necessary to pad
    to the specified width. ...

The Note should probably be normative, but other than that I don't
think there's any doubt about whether it's fill that's used for


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