PATCH: Avoid excessive flushing on lower-layer handle

Loren James Rittle
Tue Apr 23 20:34:00 GMT 2002

I wrote:

> Committed to mainline (as previously posted) with these new test cases
> as tested on i386-*-freebsd4.5 and elsewhere.  Now testing on branch
> as required (I know it is approved, but I hadn't tested it personally
> yet).  I will install there ASAP (within hours of now).

Committed to 3.1 branch as approved.  Tested on i386-*-freebsd4.5
without regression.  And, for the record, all current C++/libstdc++-v3
failures on this platform have been studied and are expected.  FYI,
the publicly posted reports from ref4 show extra C++ failures compared
to ref5 and my own machine; but they are all related to using an old
copy of binutils.  The release is looking great for this platform.

cvs update -j1.1160 -j1.1161 ChangeLog
cvs update -j1.10 -j1.11 include/std/std_fstream.h
cvs update -j1.32 -j1.33 include/bits/fstream.tcc
cvs update -j1.6 -j1.7 testsuite/27_io/

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