New AIX libstdc++ testsuite regression 20_util/allocator_members

David Edelsohn
Tue Apr 23 16:07:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> Jason Merrill writes:

>> The only thing I can think of if hacking up collect2 so that it
>> explicitly exports the mangled new and delete if it sees those symbol
>> names in the main application.  But this just becomes an ever-increasing
>> list of useful mangled names to possibly export.

Jason> It would be simpler to just export everything, wouldn't it?

	One also needs to invoke the "runtime linking" feature of the AIX
linker for the exported function to override the library.  This is not the
default for G++.

	My concern is how much to do things automatically versus how much
to allow the user to have control.  Most people using GCC probably assume
SVR4-like semantics, but some people do develop code for the AIX model.
Automatically exporting all symbols and invoking runtime linking behavior
can cause problems in the opposite direction.

	Unfortunately, there is no "right" answer.


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