PATCH: Avoid excessive flushing on lower-layer handle

Loren James Rittle
Tue Apr 23 14:57:00 GMT 2002

In article <>,
Jason Merrill <> writes:

>> + 	else
>> + 	  _M_file.sync();

> Shouldn't this be unconditional?  i.e. drop the "else"?

If we change the behavior of _M_really_overflow and callers of
_M_really_overflow, then it should be unconditional.

>> ! 	  else if (!_M_file.sync())

> Why do we need an fflush here at all?

Because callers of _M_really_overflow(eof) expect to learn of flush
failures immediately.

>> If the user must now flush to switch modes, this should always be a safe
>> optimization.

> My patch didn't change that; that will be a later, trunk-only patch.  But I
> think your change is still safe.

Based on your questions, you seem to desire the more extensive patch
to change callers of _M_really_overflow().

I will post it for comment.


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