[RFH] Which is the value of __nl_langinfo_l(__CURRENCY_SYMBOL , loc) for xx_XX@euro locales?

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@unitus.it
Sat Apr 20 12:54:00 GMT 2002

Ulrich Drepper wrote:

>???  \244  is of course correct.  I don't know what you expect.  If you
>select a @euro locale the charset of the locale is most of the time
>ISO-8859-15 which has the Euro sign at that position.
Thanks Ulrich (and Martin). I did'nt know myself what to expect, indeed.

In particular, honestly, I did'nt know :-( that the Euro symbol is in 
fact \244 in ISO-8859-15...

I will modify the testsuite accordingly.

While we are at it: could you possibly explain to me which is the 
rationale behind using the three char EUR as the international monetary 
symbol and the Euro standard symbol itself as the local monetary symbol?

Thanks again,

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