[RFC] Tracking EURO-related changes in glibc

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@unitus.it
Sun Apr 14 13:04:00 GMT 2002

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

>>Would be acceptable to simply change the affected tests to *not* use
>>european locales? Other proposals?
>What other non-"C" locale should be used?
I don't know, we already use en_HK which is for Hong Kong Dollar 
(right?) and therefore it's ok. IMO, we could choose whatever locale we 
like with the only condition that the corresponding country does not 
belong to the European Union (dozens of possible choices)

> I thought the .euro locales
>were forward-looking, and would work with old and new number formats.
Currently we use de_DE, fr_FR@euro and en_HK. The latter is ok. The 
first one, in my understanding definitely not, the second one, as you 
say, probably ok, but I'm not sure, because both I don't know where to 
study all of this and I don't have a glibc2.2cvs installed to experiment 
with :-(

What do you expect from a @euro locale?

In any case, in the current testsuite there are no tests involving the 
fr_FR@euro currency symbol, so everything should be ok for it from a 
practical point of view.

But what about de_DE? The currency symbol for 2.2.5 is definitely DEM or 
DM, both, I suppose, it's EUR for 2.2cvs, right?? de_DE is probably the 

Ciao, P.

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