[RFC] Tracking EURO-related changes in glibc

Paolo Carlini pcarlini@unitus.it
Sun Apr 14 08:55:00 GMT 2002


as explained by Franz Sirl, on systems running glibc2.2cvs, the 
following libstdc++-v3 tests currently fail:

XPASS: 22_locale/money_get_members_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/money_get_members_wchar_t.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/money_put_members_char.cc execution test
XPASS: 22_locale/money_put_members_wchar_t.cc execution test

due to this patch,

2002-02-28  Ulrich Drepper  <drepper@redhat.com>

        * locale/iso-4217.def: Remove obsolete currencies for countries
        with Euro.

which unavoidably changes the expected monetary formatting of de_DE and fr_FR@euro monetary quantities.

Would be acceptable to simply change the affected tests to *not* use european locales? Other proposals?

Thanks for the attention,

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