[libstdc++] remove __compare_and_swap

Phil Edwards pedwards@disaster.jaj.com
Fri Oct 5 11:43:00 GMT 2001

A couple weeks ago I proposed removing __compare_and_swap, an unused function
from the CPU configuration headers that seems to confuse port maintainers:


The function is completely unused.  The function has been gone from my
local trees since that date, and nightly bootstraps for x86/linux native
and powerpc cross have been doing fine since then.  A few people have since
expressed their approval, so I'm checking it in on the trunk.  It doesn't
solve any particular bug, so I don't view it as candidate for the branch.

The patch is unchanged from the one in the message above.  Here's the log:

2001-10-05  Phil Edwards  <pme@gcc.gnu.org>

	* config/cpu/alpha/bits/atomicity.h (__compare_and_swap):  Remove
	unused function.
	* config/cpu/arm/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/generic/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/i486/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/ia64/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/mips/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/powerpc/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/sparc/sparc32/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.
	* config/cpu/sparc/sparc64/bits/atomicity.h:  Likewise.

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