Problem with `string', threading and shared libraries.

Loren James Rittle
Mon Oct 1 18:47:00 GMT 2001

> I am willing to be blamed for not having done enough to improve
> libstdc++-v3 before the gcc 3.0 release, but IMHO the situation at gcc
> 3.0 release related to threading was better and better documented than
> any past gcc release of a C++ library [with g++].

Oops, I did not presume it was better than any vendor's C++ library
only past public releases of libstdc++ that came with g++. ;-)
Loren J. Rittle
Senior Staff Software Engineer, Distributed Object Technology Lab
Networks and Infrastructure Research Lab (IL02/2240), Motorola Labs, KeyID: 2048/ADCE34A5, FDC0292446937F2A240BC07D42763672

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