Compiling w/o gcc?

Benjamin Kosnik
Sat Mar 31 16:52:00 GMT 2001

Hmm. A place to start is to take the current CVS for libstdc++-v3, and
try to compile all the source files on your target platform with your
vendor compiler. You can find a list of these sources in the assorted
Makefiles (libsupc++/ and src/ in particular.)

You've got to start somewhere and this looks as good of a place to
start as any.

I don't know if anybody's done this before, which would explain why
the HOWTOs are a bit weak on the subject.

You could look at the Makefiles generated for a native linux/x86 build
and port that to your host system. You could try building a cross
compiler and using those configuration files for your system. I leave
the final approach as an exercise.... 

With all due respect, I doubt you have a current runtime from your
vendor: major changes to the GNU c++ runtime code happened just this


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