Report of current libstdc++-v3 testsuite results for *-*-freebsd4.2

Loren James Rittle
Wed Mar 28 16:00:00 GMT 2001

Over the past few days, things became quite unstable on *-*-freebsd4.2
on both 3.0 branch and mainline.  Just as I was going to investigate,
patches appeared that restored order (and improved things on
alpha-*-freebsd* since the last time I studied the results closely).
I like it when that happens. ;-)

i386-unknown-freebsd4.2, on mainline:  106/6 shared + 106/6 static
i386-unknown-freebsd4.2, on 3.0 branch:  100/7 shared + 98/9 static
alpha-unknown-freebsd4.2, on 3.0 branch:  101/6 shared + 101/6 static

Exact failures (both static and dynamic unless annotated):

freebsd4.2 23_containers/
freebsd4.2 23_containers/
mainline   17_intro/
3.0	   27_io/
3.0	   27_io/
3.0	   27_io/
3.0	   27_io/
i386	   21_strings/
i386	   21_strings/ (static only on 3.0, both on mainline)
i386	   27_io/ (static only on 3.0, both on mainline)

Under the assumption that there will be at least one merge from
mainline to the 3.0 branch of libstdc++-v3 before gcc 3.0 is released,
I will focus on mainline problems (in next e-mails).


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