libtool upgrade broke libstdc++-v3 on Solaris

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Mar 27 16:57:00 GMT 2001

The libtool upgrade also backed out a patch by Mark Mitchell that
arranged for libtool to use gcc instead of ld to link C code.  Why
does this affect libstdc++-v3?  Because libstdc++-v3 used to be linked
pretending it was C, because using g++ would attempt to link libstdc++
in, which obviously wouldn't work.

Instead of re-installing Mark Mitchell's patch, I decided the whole
approach of pretending libstdc++-v3 was C was wrong, and deemed to
break on other platforms.

The fix I chose was to get libstdc++ configured to use xgcc instead of
g++ as the C++ compiler driver, so as to not link libstdc++ in, and
then adjust libstdc++'s work-arounds so as to use CXX to link a C++
library.  This was tested on sparc-sun-solaris2.7, GCC 3.0 branch.
I'm checking this in the branch and in the trunk.

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